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The Benefits of Being Pet Friendly

System - Monday, May 8, 2023

It should be raining cats and dogs at your rental property.


Because that will mean it’s also raining revenue.

Pets bring in higher rental values and extra income streams for owners who are smart enough to welcome them into rental properties. Pets aren’t just cute and furry and loveable. They’re also little money-makers.

Pet Fees

Every tenant who applies for your property with a cat or dog or both will expect to pay a pet fee. They’ll expect to pay per-pet. You can charge $200 or more just to have a pet move in with your new tenant. That money can be used if the pet causes damage, but it’s unlikely they’ll cause that much mayhem. Collect your pet fee.

Pet Rent

But wait, there’s more. You can collect pet rent in addition to that pet fee. This instantly raises your rental value without a single improvement made at the property. All you have to do is consider pets. You can charge anywhere from $25 to $50 per pet, per month. Do the math - it’s a lot of extra income.

There’s also less vacancy and turnover when you open your doors to pets. Tenants know that not every property will let them move in with their furry family member. When they find one that does, they’re likely to stay.

We can show you the stats, but you know tenants overwhelmingly have pets. With a management team like ours, you know there’s a strong pet policy in place and little to worry about. We’ll talk more about management relationships (and how they make you money) next month. Don’t miss it.  

Thanks for trusting us with your rental property. And, if you know anyone who needs help with a real estate investment, please remember us! We always appreciate referrals.