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Rental Scams and Fraud Can Hurt Owners

System - Thursday, February 4, 2021

In the first quarter of this year, we’re discussing scams and fraud.

In the last newsletter, you learned about how common scams are, and this month, we’re talking about how this type of fraud can hurt owners like you. Next month, we’ll move on to the measures we take to protect your property.

Let’s dive right in: aren’t tenants the real victims of rental scams?

Tenants can be scam artists

When we’re talking about fake listings, tenants are likely the victims because they’re the ones sending money to a criminal posing as a landlord.

But, owners are at risk too, and in some cases, tenants are the people trying to get away with something.

You might have a renter posing as a perfect tenant, and on paper they look great – no evictions, high income, and a long list of rental references.

How do you know those pay stubs aren’t fake? How do you know their former landlords aren’t friends pretending to be someone else?

You don’t know. That’s why you turn to us.

We have seen it all

We’ve heard the same horror stories you have about tenants turning homes into meth labs and applicants claiming all six of their pit bulls are service animals.

At Sienna Properties, we have strict screening measures in place to ensure we know exactly who is moving into your property. You don’t have to worry about rental scams and you don’t have to stress about terrible tenants.

Our team is watching your property, and we’re watching the people we place in your property. Good tenant relationships and strict screening processes mean you won’t have to worry about falling victim to rental scams or tenant fraud.