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Increased Costs of Maintenance, Materials, and Repairs

System - Friday, July 8, 2022

In most rental markets, this is the busy season. It’s high summer and tenants are on the move, looking for new homes and deciding where they want to spend the next year or more. As you spend some time turning properties over and making them ready for new tenants, you might have noticed something about the cost of maintenance.

It’s rising.

There’s also a shortage of materials and supplies. In some markets, it’s nearly impossible to find qualified labor to get the projects done on time.

This is impacting your turnover process and it’s also causing you to approach your routine repairs and emergency maintenance problems a little differently.

We’re here to help you cope. And to ease the pain of the current situation as much as possible. As your property management partners, we offer a number of benefits:

  • You already have access to our list of preferred vendors and contractors, who are licensed, insured, and committed to providing good work for discount prices.
  • We manage all the repairs for you, so finding the right professionals who can access the necessary materials isn’t a headache for you - it’s a process we’ve already built into our management system.
  • Our tenant relationships are strong, and we work with residents to help them understand why some repairs may take a little longer than they normally would.

Supply issues, inflation, and a radically competitive housing market are contributing to the increase in maintenance, materials, and repairs. We’re monitoring the situation, adjusting our processes to meet this new reality, and keeping your rental property well-maintained and in excellent condition.

Look for next month’s newsletter, when we'll talk about why it might be tempting to let tenants complete their own maintenance. And why that’s a bad idea.

We love working with you and remember - if you have friends or family who are looking to get their house rented, refer them to us!