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How to Continue Building Wealth

System - Friday, March 11, 2022

You have a property. You’re holding onto it and renting it out with our help. What’s next on your wealth building journey?

Growing your real estate portfolio.

Why settle for one or two rental properties? The real wealth kicks in when you use those properties to leverage the portfolio growth that will really begin to earn you some serious money. Remember - investing is a process, and you want to keep growing. Diversify your portfolio, add to your portfolio, and look for opportunities to make these properties work for you.

We always have ideas for this, so lean on us to deliver expert advice and effective strategies.

How to Grow Your Existing Portfolio

Consider some multi-family properties if you primarily own single-family homes. Or, buy a single-family rental if you own duplexes and small apartment buildings. Each type of property has its own strengths, so you divide up the risk when you add new investments to your portfolios. Those multi-family buildings, for example, protect you against vacancy loss. The single-family homes will deliver higher than expected appreciation.

Maybe it’s time to look at different neighborhoods. Can you exchange one property for two rental properties using a 1031 exchange? We’re here to help and to explore every option, so don’t be afraid to pick our brains. It’s why we’re here.

We Help You Manage Risk

Before you dive into your next acquisition, we’ll help you make smart choices. With our help, we can make sure:

  • The market is right for a new investment.
  • The property you buy next will be attractive to tenants and earn good rents.
  • You know where to go for financing.

Let’s grow your portfolio and continue building wealth. Every investor is unique, and we’re here to provide the plan that best fits you and your investment goals.

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