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Expectations at Lease End

System - Monday, April 26, 2021

Spring has definitely sprung, and now that we’ve emerged from the slower winter season, we know you’re getting ready to tackle the busiest few months for your business. Our newsletters this quarter will focus on tenant turnovers and moving. Look for these topics:  

  • Expectations at lease end
  • Turning over your property to rent again
  • Quickly finding new tenants

Let’s get to work: what happens when the lease ends and your current tenant moves out?

Talking to your tenant makes for marvelous move-outs

You hired us to take care of all the tenant communications and follow ups. Luckily, we love our residents, and we work hard to establish and maintain good working relationships. This doesn’t stop when notice is given that they’re leaving. We’ll reach out right away and remind them about the move-out process and what they’ll need to do to leave the home clean, empty, and in good condition.

We’ll require them to return the property to the way it looked when they moved in. If they took down the window blinds to hang up shades – they need to replace those window blinds. We’ll ask for documentation that the home has been cleaned and if applicable, the carpets have been steamed. They know how to return the keys and where to leave a forwarding address.  

There’s damage and there’s wear and tear

We’re good about holding tenants accountable for the costs they’ll incur after moving out if there is damage. Our team also understands that wear and tear is expected and normal. Those tiny nail holes can easily be remedied by our turnover team.

There’s not much for you to worry about when tenants start the move-out process. Your management team at Sienna Properties takes care of every detail. If you know someone who could use a little professional help when it comes to ending lease agreements or finding new tenants, please refer them to us.